Aliyah Royale
Jira Calder-Brennan in THE RED LINE

Hometown: Maryland

Birthday: March 4

July 2018

Aliyah Royale started working at a young age in minor musical theater productions and has since worked in commercials, on television and in feature films. Her most recent feature film, “War Paint,” was showcased at the Sundance Film Festival in 2018. She has studied acting with a number of private coaches and at Playhouse West.

Her television credits include the series “Major Crimes” and “Man and Wife,” as well as the television movie “Strange Calls,” among others. She was a designer on “Project Runway: Threads” and “The Designer Kids Project” and served as a reporter on the series “FTS Kids News.”

Royale is an avid reader and is interested in acting, writing and directing. Her philanthropic interests include helping refugees around the world and caring for people in diseased areas including the Malaria Must Die campaign. Also, she is fervent about fighting the misdiagnoses of ADD/ADHD in children.

Royale was born in Maryland and has moved around the east and west coasts throughout her life, including Fort Knox, Ky., Macomb, Mich., San Jose, Calif. and Baltimore. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles. Her birthday is March 4. She can be followed on Twitter @AliyahRoyale and on Instagram @aliyahroyale.