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July 2018


From acclaimed producers Ava DuVernay and Greg Berlanti, THE RED LINE follows the lives of three vastly different Chicago families whose stories of loss and tragedy intersect in the wake of the mistaken shooting of an African American doctor by a white cop. Daniel Calder is a dedicated high school history teacher mourning the death of his husband while also trying to comfort their adopted daughter, Jira. Facing the loss of one of her fathers, Jira’s emotions affect her relationship with Daniel, especially when she decides to search for her birth mother against his wishes. On the south side of Chicago, political wunderkind Tia Young scours news of the shooting, torn between finally achieving the career she’s dreamed of and risking it all to comfort the daughter she gave up for adoption when she was 15. Tia’s husband, Ethan Young, a red line train operator and devoted father to their 6-year-old son, champions her work but cautions her about connecting with Jira. Police officer Paul Evans is sickened by the enormity of his mistake, confused by how it happened, and concerned with the public and legal fallout. He gets encouragement from his police partner, Victoria “Vic” Renna, whose loyalty may have driven her to go too far to protect him, and his volatile, racially intolerant brother, Jim Evans, a former cop who uses a wheelchair after being shot in the line of duty. As the stories of the Calder, Young and Evans families crisscross and converge, a message of hope appears – it’s possible to emerge from tragedy stronger, and it’s important to come together with others, not just to survive, but to thrive. Vinny Chhibber also stars as Liam Bhatt, Daniel’s friend and colleague.


Premieres during the 2018-2019 season on the CBS Television Network.




FORMAT: Drama (Filmed in HD)


STARRING: Noah Wyle (Daniel Calder)

Emayatzy Corinealdi (Tia Young)

Noel Fisher (Paul Evans)

Howard Charles (Ethan Young)

Aliyah Royale (Jira Calder-Brennan)

Michael Patrick Thornton (Jim Evans)

Vinny Chhibber (Liam Bhatt)

Elizabeth Laidlaw (Victoria “Vic” Renna)


PRODUCED BY: Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios


EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Greg Berlanti, Ava DuVernay, Sarah Schechter, Kevin Hooks


CREATED BY: Caitlin Parrish & Erica Weiss

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